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Literature is something that all of us should appreciate more than we do, and of course there are so many great books that all of us need to read before we die because what is so cool about reading a book is that it has this strange way of helping change your perception and forming individuals. Because the thing is that when you compare reading a book to watching television or something like that in terms of entertainment outlets you aren’t getting the same kind of cerebral connection through television and other visual forms of entertainment like you are when you are reading a book. When you are reading one of the best novels ever you are connecting your consciousness with the consciousness of the writer, and this is a really beautiful thing to experience, and of course this type of experience can help change the reader tremendously and have profound effects on your decision making and of course your life in general. Now what we are doing with this type of article and list of blogs is talking about the best novels ever written, and this is definitely something that is pretty hard to narrow down but we are going to be talking mostly about the books that I think have had the most profound effects on my life, and I think that even though these books might not all be fictional, they definitely still are really awesome and are books that everyone should read at some point in their lives.

So the next book that we are going to talk about in our list of the best novels ever is the famous American classic On the Road by Jack Kerouac. A lot of people have heard of Jack Kerouac because he really is a star of a writer and is someone who has lived such a unique and incredible life that it was just a matter of sharing his experiences and living his life out that everyone wanted to learn more about. Of course On The Road is a novel and is not necessarily all about Jack’s life because he hides himself under the character name of Sal Paradise, but of course we all know as the readers that this story is pretty much based off of his life and he really was the epitome of the beatnik movement back in the 1950s. He didn’t have a home but just traveled all around the country doing whatever it was that he could, and of course this book goes through years of Jack’s travels but of course it is important to understand that although he lived in several areas for a significant amount of time he definitely was a traveler and he kind of put the notion in everyone’s minds that traveling was actually good for your soul and that you can learn about the world and life in general just by traveling around the United States.

There’s so much more than just the plot that makes this story so special, and it really is Jack Kerouac’s ability to write and be the best that he possibly could on each and every page of his book that makes things start to go a different direction, and I really understand that he has a magical power with words that could only be created through living a life somewhat like his, and although I think Jack knew that he would make a book about his travels after awhile he still kept to his word and kept traveling and searching for the meaning of life in world that was not full of answers, and in a sense that is what we are all doing with our lives still today.