Harry Potter

When it comes to the best novels ever written we definitely have a ton of competition amongst some of the best writers ever, and let know that when we think of listing off the best novels we could definitely get into all of these magical stories and fairy tales and things like that, but that is not necessarily what we are here to talk about. Although fairy tales and magical occurrences is something that has been a huge part of fiction and things like that, but that still doesn’t mean that we are here to talk only about the fantastic journeys through novels and fiction because there are so many great novels of all time that are actually pretty realistic story lines, but of course they didn’t actually happen which is totally fine and I know that for the most part we are here to do something more special and unique then just talk about the fantastic and magical stories that have captivated millions of people’s imaginations. But Ok, I will enlighten you for once at least throughout this list of articles and blogs, and so for the next novels that are the best ever in this list we are going to talk about the very magical and fantastic world of Harry Potter.

I think that for the most part we still do not know exactly what the legacy of the Harry Potter series is going to be but of course it is pretty safe to say that this series of books is the book of an entire generation, which is the young generation of the world today, and that is something that is really special. I mean now you can even rent a party bus that you can rent out that takes you on a Harry potter tour, its amazing. Every little kid was into Harry Potter in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s and it makes complete sense because Harry Potter was definitely going to be huge right from the beginning and everyone kind of already knew that when the first three books were released all at once to kids everywhere. But I think a lot of people really like Harry Potter because it was a great story for kids that opened them up to a whole wizard world that lived underneath their muggle noses, and I think that this type of complexity to the story in terms of muggle and wizards living together in the world is actually really interesting and I think this made the story that much better than the entire world being a bunch of wizards and magical people.

But the fact that the wizard world is a complete secret from the muggle is definitely an interesting idea, and this whole concept definitely grabbed the attention of everyone and made people wonder about our world a little bit more. Of course the adventures at Hogwarts and all of the stories that are involved with Harry Potter makes this list of stories the part of the best novels ever, and I think what we are going to say up front is that Harry Potter in general including the entire series of novels is one incredible story that will live on forever through the books and the films, although reading the books was definitely a very special experience.

These books were really easy to read, and for me I was just learning to read on my own when I was reading the first Harry Potter book, and then soon enough I was reading very quickly and so for the most part Harry Potter opened up the world of literature and made reading fun for millions of young people in a time when reading was getting less and less cool, but Harry Potter made reading cool again.