Best Novels By Sallinger

Some of the best novels of all time or ever is definitely something that is hard to figure out because there really is an endless amount of novels that are amazing that we could choose from, but of course when we think of what exactly makes a novel the best ever or one of the best ever we have to consider its legacy and the impact that the story had on our cultures around the world. This to me is something that makes books classics because you can obviously have a tremendous novel and have it be incredible to read and everything, but if people don’t connect to it and then change something in their own personal lives through the writing then you missed out on something that is really important about literature. If you are going to bring a reader in and connect them to your consciousness through your novel then you need to do something really unique and meaningful with that connection, and I think that a lot of great writers have done something that is bigger than themselves through their mind and books, and that is what the best novels ever are all about. So if you are looking for you next great book to read then you are definitely in the right place because we are going to be talking about the best novels ever throughout this list of articles and blogs and I know that this is going to help you in terms of picking out a next book. So for the next book that we are going to talk about in terms of the best novels ever we are going to divulge into the American classic The Catcher in the Rye, which was written and published by J.D. Sallinger in the mid 1950s and edited by home buyers.

What was so interesting about Catcher in the Rye is that it followed this character who was growing up in the establishment but just was a rebel at heart and wanted to break away from the norms of society and his life in private prep high school boarding school style, and he definitely went through a coming of age experience in which he loses his innocence and childhood ambitions and becomes an adult in the cold streets of New York City. A lot of people might not really consider this to be the most exciting story line for the best novels of all time, but I think the writing and the story line is actually something that a lot of people don’t quite get but it definitely is something that alludes to the lives of so many young people and young men and what they would do if they were in that type of situation in New York City. The most controversial aspect of Catcher in the Rye is the prostitution scene in which the young main character hires a hooker to come to his hotel room to have sex with him, and back in the mid 1950s this was something that was absolutely obscene and people tried to get the book banned because of this, but of course it spoke volumes to people and opened up the conversation to the seedy parts of our culture. Of course the 50s in general were just a strange time in the United States, but of course this was also the time when things were beginning to change and there was more of a liberation movement going on in which people were not going to be censored anymore through temperate movements or anything like that, and that is definitely a really sad part of the world that we weren’t appreciative of books like this, but of course a lot of people were and now Catcher in the Rye is required reading by every high school student in the United States.