Best Novels By Sallinger

Some of the best novels of all time or ever is definitely something that is hard to figure out because there really is an endless amount of novels that are amazing that we could choose from, but of course when we think of what exactly makes a novel the best ever or one of the best ever we have to consider its legacy and the impact that the story had on our cultures around the world. This to me is something that makes books classics because you can obviously have a tremendous novel and have it be incredible to read and everything, but if people don’t connect to it and then change something in their own personal lives through the writing then you missed out on something that is really important about literature. If you are going to bring a reader in and connect them to your consciousness through your novel then you need to do something really unique and meaningful with that connection, and I think that a lot of great writers have done something that is bigger than themselves through their mind and books, and that is what the best novels ever are all about. So if you are looking for you next great book to read then you are definitely in the right place because we are going to be talking about the best novels ever throughout this list of articles and blogs and I know that this is going to help you in terms of picking out a next book. So for the next book that we are going to talk about in terms of the best novels ever we are going to divulge into the American classic The Catcher in the Rye, which was written and published by J.D. Sallinger in the mid 1950s and edited by home buyers.

What was so interesting about Catcher in the Rye is that it followed this character who was growing up in the establishment but just was a rebel at heart and wanted to break away from the norms of society and his life in private prep high school boarding school style, and he definitely went through a coming of age experience in which he loses his innocence and childhood ambitions and becomes an adult in the cold streets of New York City. A lot of people might not really consider this to be the most exciting story line for the best novels of all time, but I think the writing and the story line is actually something that a lot of people don’t quite get but it definitely is something that alludes to the lives of so many young people and young men and what they would do if they were in that type of situation in New York City. The most controversial aspect of Catcher in the Rye is the prostitution scene in which the young main character hires a hooker to come to his hotel room to have sex with him, and back in the mid 1950s this was something that was absolutely obscene and people tried to get the book banned because of this, but of course it spoke volumes to people and opened up the conversation to the seedy parts of our culture. Of course the 50s in general were just a strange time in the United States, but of course this was also the time when things were beginning to change and there was more of a liberation movement going on in which people were not going to be censored anymore through temperate movements or anything like that, and that is definitely a really sad part of the world that we weren’t appreciative of books like this, but of course a lot of people were and now Catcher in the Rye is required reading by every high school student in the United States.

Harry Potter

When it comes to the best novels ever written we definitely have a ton of competition amongst some of the best writers ever, and let know that when we think of listing off the best novels we could definitely get into all of these magical stories and fairy tales and things like that, but that is not necessarily what we are here to talk about. Although fairy tales and magical occurrences is something that has been a huge part of fiction and things like that, but that still doesn’t mean that we are here to talk only about the fantastic journeys through novels and fiction because there are so many great novels of all time that are actually pretty realistic story lines, but of course they didn’t actually happen which is totally fine and I know that for the most part we are here to do something more special and unique then just talk about the fantastic and magical stories that have captivated millions of people’s imaginations. But Ok, I will enlighten you for once at least throughout this list of articles and blogs, and so for the next novels that are the best ever in this list we are going to talk about the very magical and fantastic world of Harry Potter.

I think that for the most part we still do not know exactly what the legacy of the Harry Potter series is going to be but of course it is pretty safe to say that this series of books is the book of an entire generation, which is the young generation of the world today, and that is something that is really special. I mean now you can even rent a party bus that you can rent out that takes you on a Harry potter tour, its amazing. Every little kid was into Harry Potter in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s and it makes complete sense because Harry Potter was definitely going to be huge right from the beginning and everyone kind of already knew that when the first three books were released all at once to kids everywhere. But I think a lot of people really like Harry Potter because it was a great story for kids that opened them up to a whole wizard world that lived underneath their muggle noses, and I think that this type of complexity to the story in terms of muggle and wizards living together in the world is actually really interesting and I think this made the story that much better than the entire world being a bunch of wizards and magical people.

But the fact that the wizard world is a complete secret from the muggle is definitely an interesting idea, and this whole concept definitely grabbed the attention of everyone and made people wonder about our world a little bit more. Of course the adventures at Hogwarts and all of the stories that are involved with Harry Potter makes this list of stories the part of the best novels ever, and I think what we are going to say up front is that Harry Potter in general including the entire series of novels is one incredible story that will live on forever through the books and the films, although reading the books was definitely a very special experience.

These books were really easy to read, and for me I was just learning to read on my own when I was reading the first Harry Potter book, and then soon enough I was reading very quickly and so for the most part Harry Potter opened up the world of literature and made reading fun for millions of young people in a time when reading was getting less and less cool, but Harry Potter made reading cool again.

Game Of Thrones

Books are something that not a lot of people are interested in doing with their time anymore, and it is true that when you get involved with writing or reading a book you are definitely going to have to invest a bunch of time in to it, and that can be kind of discouraging because especially in today’s times we all want to get to the end result and see what is going to happen within a few hours and not have to spend days and even weeks at a time to just get through a story. Of course everyone under the sun is into series and television shows like Game of Thrones in which it has taken years to get to the ending of the story, but of course Game of Thrones is a series of novels that are actually very interesting and worth mentioning on the list of best novels ever, but of course we aren’t here to just talk about series of books like Game of Thrones but they deserve a mention. We are here to talk about the best novels ever written and it is definitely really hard to narrow this type of story list down to a certain list of best novels ever written, but because that is what we have promised to do we are going to continue our list and now talk about one of the best novel series ever written, which I am sure all of you know about, The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is something that not a lot of people really understand that well as a book series because the films have become so popular, but I can promise you that I was one of the very few people in the world who read the books before seeing the movies, and what was so interesting about this is that I was around seven and eight years old when I was reading these books. And for a young child these types of stories were absolutely fascinating and just full of energy and imagination, and it really is just fascinating how J.R.R. Tolkien was able to create an entirely different world through Middle Earth and how there are all these conflicts and diplomacy and war issues throughout this world, just like what was happening in the world in reality. Of course Lord of the Rings is all about magic and fictional characters that could never exist in reality, but that is something that is just so interesting because this is a whole different world in which anything is possible and there are wizards and elves and hobbits and goblins and orcs and all these creatures that were all in the imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien and that is absolutely breathtaking.

Of course a lot of people have considered Lord of the Rings as one of those stories that follows the Hero’s Journey paradigm created by Joseph Campbell and that is definitely something that we can consider an epoch of our modern age, and I know that a lot of people may not realize it now but Lord of the Rings is one of those stories that people are going to be talking about hundreds of years from now because this story was after all written in the early 20th century and we still think it is awesome today, and that is really special for one of the best novels ever.

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Literature is something that all of us should appreciate more than we do, and of course there are so many great books that all of us need to read before we die because what is so cool about reading a book is that it has this strange way of helping change your perception and forming individuals. Because the thing is that when you compare reading a book to watching television or something like that in terms of entertainment outlets you aren’t getting the same kind of cerebral connection through television and other visual forms of entertainment like you are when you are reading a book. When you are reading one of the best novels ever you are connecting your consciousness with the consciousness of the writer, and this is a really beautiful thing to experience, and of course this type of experience can help change the reader tremendously and have profound effects on your decision making and of course your life in general. Now what we are doing with this type of article and list of blogs is talking about the best novels ever written, and this is definitely something that is pretty hard to narrow down but we are going to be talking mostly about the books that I think have had the most profound effects on my life, and I think that even though these books might not all be fictional, they definitely still are really awesome and are books that everyone should read at some point in their lives.

So the next book that we are going to talk about in our list of the best novels ever is the famous American classic On the Road by Jack Kerouac. A lot of people have heard of Jack Kerouac because he really is a star of a writer and is someone who has lived such a unique and incredible life that it was just a matter of sharing his experiences and living his life out that everyone wanted to learn more about. Of course On The Road is a novel and is not necessarily all about Jack’s life because he hides himself under the character name of Sal Paradise, but of course we all know as the readers that this story is pretty much based off of his life and he really was the epitome of the beatnik movement back in the 1950s. He didn’t have a home but just traveled all around the country doing whatever it was that he could, and of course this book goes through years of Jack’s travels but of course it is important to understand that although he lived in several areas for a significant amount of time he definitely was a traveler and he kind of put the notion in everyone’s minds that traveling was actually good for your soul and that you can learn about the world and life in general just by traveling around the United States.

There’s so much more than just the plot that makes this story so special, and it really is Jack Kerouac’s ability to write and be the best that he possibly could on each and every page of his book that makes things start to go a different direction, and I really understand that he has a magical power with words that could only be created through living a life somewhat like his, and although I think Jack knew that he would make a book about his travels after awhile he still kept to his word and kept traveling and searching for the meaning of life in world that was not full of answers, and in a sense that is what we are all doing with our lives still today.

The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

There have definitely been a lot of great novels that have come out in the history of literature and in recent years, as in the past century or so, we have seen a huge emergence of amazing literary minds that have graced the world with their talents and long form literature. Today’s age is different in that a lot of people are not getting into books the same ways that they used to, but of course the literature that is the best ever written is still being read on a daily basis even today because the stories that these writers have created are really timeless. Now, let’s be real and say that in today’s age creating a novel is really hard to do because a lot of people just aren’t interested in novels unless they have some kind of really important significance or are just absolutely amazing, but of course they are still being created and published even in the current condition of the literary marketplace. Now, I think as of right now it is fair for us to just jump in and say that if you are the type of person who loves reading great books and you just might be looking for your next good book to read then you have come to the perfect spot online because all of these articles and blogs are about the best novels ever, and the next book that we are going to be talking about technically isn’t a novel, but it is a form of new age journalism that is non fiction, but still it deserves the credit to be on this list. The book that we are talking about in this article is Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.

Now for the most part it is pretty safe to say that this book isn’t just for anybody and there definitely are a lot of drug references and a lot of the plot revolves around the hippie movement of the 1960s and the turn towards opening the doors of perception through the drug LSD. The story revolves around the really great author Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters, who were a group of his close friends and family, who lived and traveled all around the country together playing pranks on the public. This group actually ended up becoming very famous in the San Francisco acid culture era, and that is partly why this book is so memorable because it records the every day lifestyles and some of the most intricate and awesome stories that happened with Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. I think that even in today’s times we definitely see that LSD is prevalent and a big part of our culture still today, but back then it was just emerging and it was changing the world for the better and the worse at the same time. Now, what is so amazing about this book is Tom Wolfe’s ability to tell it, and it really is true that he embodied the mindset that goes into acid and LSD in the actual writing and literature of this book, and that is something that is obviously not the easiest thing to do, and of course he is just a genius in general and that is why he is able to do this type of book, but for the most part we can definitely say that Tom Wolfe is one of the best writers in American history and his book The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test is definitely one of the best novels ever even though it is a non fiction story about Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.









Best Novels Ever

When it comes to the world of literature I think we all know very well that a lot of people have come and gone in the literary world and that only a few have ever really been able to figure out how to make the big and best novel of a generation or a moment in history that changes everything through one story, and it is really a testament to the power of the written word when we see history and how so many really incredible stories and novels written by some of the most influential writers of all time have been able to shape our cultures around the world and really do something special that a lot of people would otherwise not really understand all that well. That is why we are here, and that is because we are going into great details to tell you the types of novels that we consider the best ever and we are also going to go into details about what made these novels so amazing, and although they may have been fictional, and maybe some of these are non-fiction, but it is true to say that for the most part these fictional stories connected with us so well in so many great ways that they have stuck tremendously through other forms of entertainment and within our culture in general, especially in the United States where entertainment and art are very influential mediums that shape culture in extreme ways.

So the first novel that we are going to be talking about that we are considering to be one of the best novels of all time is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and this is a novel written by Ken Kesey and it is one of the stories that really catapulted his career, and it also won Jack Nicholson the Oscar for the best male performance and that is a really great honor in the world of film as well, and of course it just goes to show how influential this story was to so many different people. We all must consider that Kesey actually worked in an insane institution of some sorts for a couple of years and really was able to absorb the entire atmosphere of being in these types of places, and that is how he was able to gain daily inspiration for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and of course we all know that this is the story about a man how tries to avoid going to jail for a petty crime that he committed and then decides to go and be a patient at an insane asylum and that is where he meets all these different types of characters of people and really immerses himself in a strange and horrific world of what it was like back in the 50s and 60s in these types of places with lobotomies and other horrible shock therapy forms of treatment that were still legal back then, and that is partly what the conflict is in this type of story but of course you see so many different characters dealing with internal conflicts that it is just such a unique plot in general for a story, and that is why it instantly became a classic novel in American history and is now considered to be one of the best novels ever still today.